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Replace or Refill your Ink Cartridge?

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There's a little known fact about Ink cartridges that the manufacturers don't want you to know:
- You can refill the Ink in most cartridges 2-10 times without affecting print quality -

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When your printer stops printing it's not because your cartridge has worn out - it's because you're out of Ink!  Your cartridge is designed to last much longer than it's stated yield.  The trick to extending it's life is to know how to add Ink, and to only use Ink which matches the ink which originally came with your cartridge.  Each cartridge is manufactured to work with a specific type of Ink, and will not work correctly with anything different.

How To Refill An Ink Cartridge

What's involved (You may wish to print this page to reference while ordering)

To refill a cartridge you simply draw ink from a bottle into a syringe and inject it into the cartridge either through an existing hole or by making a hole.  You then usually need to reseal the hole, and let the cartridge sit a few hours before re-using. You also will want to check-out our Ink Refill Tips and Troubleshooting guide before refilling your ink cartridges.

To Refill your ink jet printer cartridge(s) you'll need:

  • Refill Tools - refill instructions, a syringe and needle, and other items depending on your specific cartridge.  The tools are $4.95 and once you own them you never need to buy them again.

  • Black Ink to refill your black cartridge.

  • Color Ink to refill your color cartridge.  All color printers have 3 colors which are used to create all the colors of the rainbow - they are cyan (blue), magenta (red), and yellow.  These colors are kept in separate compartments until they are 'sprayed' on a sheet of paper while printing.  Unless there's something unusual about the way you use your printer (i.e. you only print in blue, etc.), you should order all three colors to refill your color cartridge.

  • Photo Ink - some printers have 'photo cartridges' which are used for the fine color detail needed to print photographs.  Most basic printers don't use photo inks, but if yours does you'll want to order ink for it.  Different manufacturers use different combinations of photo inks in their cartridges.  Again, you'll probably want to order all the colors for your photo cartridge if your printer uses photo cartridges.

Here's how to Find and Order Everything You'll Need:



There are over 1,000 different cartridges, so first let us know which cartridge(s) you're refilling:

  • You do this by selecting your Printer Brand from the list on the left, and then when that screen comes up you select either your printer model or your cartridge number, or simply by typing a few digits from your printer or cartridge model into this search box:

    Enter a few digits from your printer or cartridge number:


Either purchase a standard refill kit (which contains everything you need to refill your cartridges), or build your own from our a la carte ink menu.  First, add refill tools to your Shopping Cart:

  • If you don't already have refill tools/instructions from previously refilling your cartridge, add the refill tools to your cart from the box at the top.  The refill tools and instructions you'll receive will cover all the ink (black, color and/or photo) ordered from that page.


Add Ink to your Shopping Cart:

  • Black ink - choose the ink bottle size from the drop down box based on the number of refills that you want and add the ink to your cart.  The number of refills is shown for each bottle size.  If more than one kind of black cartridge is listed, select the ink for the cartridge that's in your printer (Hint: the cartridge # is listed on the cartridge itself).

  • Color ink - choose the ink bottle size from the drop down box based on the number of refills that you want.  Unless something is unusual about your printing you'll want to choose "all three colors" which will give one bottle of each color (the price will be three times the price of just one bottle) and add the ink to your cart.

  • If your printer has a photo cartridge repeat the ink ordering process for your photo cartridge.  The web page will let you know which colors are in your photo cartridge.  Again, you'll probably want to "order all colors".


Add Printhead Cleaner, cartridge tape strips or Hand Cleaner to your Shopping Cart if desired:

  • These items are optional - the cartridge tape strips help keep the cartridge from drying out while it's being stored, the printhead cleaner helps clean the printhead if it is really clogged by dried-on ink, and the hand cleaner is great at removing ink-stains from your hands.  The first time you refill you'll probably be a little messy, but when you refill your cartridge for the second or third time you'll probably be able to do it without spilling a drop.


View your Shopping Cart and Check-out:

  • Click on 'View Cart', and make sure that your order is complete.  When you're satisfied, click on the 'Check-Out' button to proceed to our Secure Server to purchase your order.  We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, or you can use PayPal, write us an OnLine check direct from your checking account, or mail us a check or money order.  We also accept purchase orders from government instutitions and major businesses.

  Here's how today's Ink consumer reduces their Ink costs:

  1. First, purchase a replacement cartridge from us instead of a brand name cartridge.  A compatible or remanufactured cartridge costs significantly less than a brand name cartridge,  but it functions exactly like the brand name at a significant savings.

  2. When the cartridge is empty, refill the Ink using one of our refill kits. When that refill runs empty, refill it one more time. Repeat the refill procedure as long as the print looks good

  3. When the print starts to degrade, discard the cartridge and start the process again.

Savings Summary:  Assume that a new brand name Ink cartridge costs $40; three cartridges would cost $120.  Instead of purchasing three brand new cartridges, purchase one of our compatible cartridge for $15, refill it twice for $3/refill and you'll spend a total of $21.  That's an overall savings of 82% and your savings get even greater the more times you refill. 

Click Here to find the right Ink Refill Kit for your printer

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