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QMS MagiColor 2550 DN - Japan Refill Kits: (Scroll down for Bulk Toner)

     QMS MagiColor 2550 DN - Japan Compatible Refill Kits

Toner cartridges can be refilled an average of 2 times before the print quality begins to deteriorate. All toner cartridges are different so the secret is to have the right toner, tools and instructions for your cartridge. These refill kits are designed specifically for your cartridge:


MagiColor 2550 DN - Japan MAGENTA Refill Kits: Each kit includes toner plus instructions needed to easily refill your Konica-Minolta 1710588-006 cartridge

Single Refill Kit-$39.95

This kit contains 150 grams of magenta toner powder (1 refill) plus instructions.

Double Refill Kit-$72.95

This kit contains 300 grams of magenta toner powder (2 refills) plus instructions.

Best Value & Free Shipping

     QMS MagiColor 2550 DN - Japan Compatible Bulk Toner

Our toner is specifically manufactured to match your toner - it is NOT generic toner. Order up to 10 bottles in the form below. You will receive bottles of toner only - no refill tools or instructions.


MAGENTA Toner - These Bottles each contain 150 grams of magenta toner and will provide one full refill for your 1710588-006.

IMPORTANT - This cartridge has a micro chip which resets the toner level for the cartridge. Its not required for the cartridge to work, but does eliminate any error messages - it's easy to replace - We'll enclose easy to follow instructions. Order one for each refill:

1710588-006 micro chip (pn: 183-Magenta) - $12.95 apiece

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